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We recommend using Magento combined with M2ePro to integrate your complete inventory with eBay & Amazon.  With full control over listing schedules and stock synchronisation you can create products in your store that are instantly listed on both marketplaces to increase your market reach and sell more.

We use Magento and M2ePro to set up the integration that you need to increase sales across marketplaces.  We have created a specific set up for Vinyl and CD retailers which also integrates with Discogs, see more details about that here: Discogs, Ebay & Amazon Integration.

We can do everything needed to get your inventory selling on multiple marketplaces, from yor own website, to eBay & Amazon and any other marketplace the you would want to integrate with.

  • Magento 2 Website
  • eBay Integration
  • Amazon Integration
  • Inventory Synchronisation
  • Order processing in One Place
  • Picking Lists
  • Paypal Integration

If WooCommerce with eBay and Amazon Integration is a better fit for your business then we can work with that too.



Ebay & Amazon Integration

Magento & M2ePro

M2ePro - Native extension for Magento to upload inventory to eBay & Amazon