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Get a website in Chichester that works for your business, drives conversions and captures your brand.

Professional website design and search engine optimisation

What we do

Looking for a web designer, web developer or ecommerce agency in Chichester?  We're based on the South Coast in Newhaven, East Sussex and work with companies in the UK, and Internationally.

We create engaging, search engine friendly websites using cutting edge content management and ecommerce systems.

Services include: promotional websites, brochure websites, ecommerce websites, website rebuilds, SEO, UX / User Experience, email templates, ongoing maintenance and hosting all aimed at developing your online presence.

We specialise in Magento, WordPress, Shopify and Drupal to create web design and ecommerce solutions for small to medium size businesses in Chichester

We dont just build websites we optmise.  Every webtsite is build with SEO in mind both on page and off page but once completed the journey begins with data driven results oriented search engine optimisation.

Web Design Chichester

Web Design Desk Graphic
View our web design projects
View our web design projects
View our web design projects
View our Web Design Projects

Web Design

Professional web design for for companies in Chichester

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Graphic Design
  • Wireframes

We create websites with optimised design to showcase your brand and business goals.

We make sure that your website is fast.  Page speed is one of the main signals when google is ranking pages

High quality and relevant content is essential so we ensure that content is relevant and useful

Security is another element that is incorporated in to the website design as well and a user friendly and well organised structure.


Ecommerce Solutions for Chichester based companies

  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify

We create engaging, robust, scalable ecommerce stores using a selection of ecommerce platforms.  We’ll select the best fit for you to grow your business.

Our aim is to create the perfect shopping experience for your customer with design and flair.

    We use Magento and WordPress for Ecommerce Website Design in Chichester 

    SEO in Chichester

    Search Engine Optimisation in Chichester

    • SEO Audits.
    • On Page Optimisation
    • Content Creation
    • Link Building
    • Analytics & Tracking

    We provide SEO services as part of any website build. On page SEO is in mind throughout the build process and once a website is built we can create an  SEO strategy including keyword analysis, competitor analysis, content creation and link building to get higher rankings and long term organic traffic.

    Web Design Agency near me

    Looking for a local web design agency?

    We like to work locally and we're happy to work with companies in Chichester  While we work with companies in any location we like to keep in touch with companies local to East Sussex and the South East

    Our web design services in Chichester

    Web design, development, SEO and technical support.

    Web Design

    We create bespoke websites built to fit your business and customer needs and to help your business grow and develop.

    Web Development

    We can extend functionality to fit any business need or requirement. We work with Magento, Wordpress, Drupal and Shopify

    Search Engine Optimisation

    We optimise your online presence with SEO audits, On page optimisation, content creation, link building, analytics and tracking.


    Sell your products online, integrate with payment gateways and shipping providers.  Connect with marketplaces to increase sales.


    Magento 2 community edition is the free open source version of Magento 2.  We have extensive experience with creating Magento 2 stores using the communnity edition

    Technical Support

    Once all the work is done and your website is live we provide technical support to help you work with your CMS or Ecommerce platform.


    We create stores with WordPress and WooCommerce that convert visitors into customers. Add a touch of SEO and ROI will rocket into the stratosphere!


    We help businesses with Shopify stores adapt and customise their stores to fit their needs. Add an SEO audit and ongoing search engine optimisation and the linits are boundless.


    Need help with an existing Drupal website, need to improve user experience? We can provide web development services to support your existing website.

    “I would have no hesitation in recommending”

    “Plus 8 Digital assisted our in-house team with the re-launch of our Magento 2 records sales website. Richard at Plus 8 Digital coded the whole of the new website and a large portion of the Discogs integration. He is a very accomplished developer who can quickly understand requirements and program them to deliver the desired outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and Plus 8 Digital  to others with similar needs.”

    Andrew Peters | Hard To Find Records

    "Very competent & diligent. High attention to detail..."

    "Very competent & diligent. High attention to detail and extremely patient with clients (like us) who keep moving the goalposts. Would highly recommend the services they provide."

    Patrick Harrington | Retro Rarity

    "Happy to doing business with 'em"

    "Outstanding Magento, Amazon, Ebay, Discogs skills. Always friendly, good communication all over almost 10 years now. Happy to doing business with 'em"

    Mirko Rotzsch | Inter Records (Germany)

    "Brilliant job on a complete redesign of my website"

    "I'm delighted with the result, all the more because the site does everything I want and does justice to different aspects of my work (psychotherapy, writing, training, and blog). I'm happy to recommend Plus 8 Digital, and I'm shortly returning for a couple of further additions to my site"

    Barry Winbolt | Psychologist, coach, and therapist.

    "More than happy with the result and can highly recommend"

    "Plus 8 Digital took over our Magento 1 to Magento 2 Record Store rebuild half way through as the project had stalled. We worked through every feature and custom requirement needed, and there were a lot. More than happy with the result and can highly recommend Plus 8 digital to anyone needing a new ecommerce store, especially if it's Magento"

    Gerald Short | Jazzman Records.

    How We build a website

    We create highly optimised search engine friendly and responsive websites for companies in Chichester. Website design, ecommerce, website development, SEO, and technical support.

    Web Design

    Fact finding, wireframes, templates and mock-ups for companies in Chichester

    • Establish purpose
    • Define Goals
    • Review Functionality
    • Create A Sitemap
    • Create Wireframes
    • Define an SEO Strategy
    • Create Mock-ups

    First we establish the purpose of your website and the goals that you want to achieve, and what functionality we will need to include.

    We then create a sitemap and sketch wireframes to illustrate how content and functionality will be laid out. To save time and we can use existing templates and provide a selection to choose from.

    We define an SEO strategy, onsite and offsite along with a plan for ongoing search optimisation.

    Next we create a mock-up of the website for you to review and sign off when you are happy with what you see.

    Web Development

    Implementing design, coding functionality.

    • Set Up Hosting
    • Install the CMS
    • Set Up Version Control
    • Install Plugins & Modules
    • Develop the Frontend
    • Apply Responsive Design
    • Populate Content 

    We set up the hosting, create the initial website using the chosen CMS or eCommerce platform, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento or Drupal.

    We put the website under version control to track all our changes

    Then we build the frontend mobile responsive templates according to the design mock-ups so that the website works for all devices.

    We populate the site with content and run two rounds of design amends to make sure everything is as you want it.

    Go Live

    Training, hosting, documentation.

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search
    • Documentation
    • SSL Certificate
    • Domain Update
    • Ongoing Maintenance
    • SEO Planning

    Before launch we install tracking tools such as Google analytics, and submit the site to Google for indexing.

    We provide documentation and assistance with managing the website so that you can add new content.

    Then the launch, we point your domain to the new website and install SSL certificates.

    We can then provide ongoing maintenance, new features and SEO as your website grows.


    SEO Chichester

    • Custom SEO Strategy
    • Technical Site Audit
    • On Page Site Recommendations
    • Keyword Rankings
    • Competitor Research
    • Ongoing SEO Package

    Creating a new website is great but it’s just the start.  Google will index the pages and you’ll be visible in search results but where will you be.  Probably not on page 1, or even page 2.  Getting there will take some work.

    The purpose of your website is to get..

    • More Visitors
    • More Traffic
    • More Calls
    • More Sales
    • More Customers
    • More Revenue

    There’s a lot of competition out there and your new website needs to out perform the competition to make that happen.

    We’ll ensure that your website is designed with that in mind.

    That means great website design, fast page speed, quality and relevant content, strong website security, a healthy website structure and keyword rich content.

    Then with an ongoing SEO package we can get to work on pushing your website up the  rankings especially for local searches in Chichester


    Support & Maintenance

    Ongoing technical support & maintenance

    • Technical Support
    • CMS Updates
    • New Features
    • WooCommerce Support
    • WordPress Support
    • Magento Support
    • Shopify Support

    Websites are always a ‘work in progress’.  Search engines update algorythms.  Competitors work on their SEO, industy changes happen and websites are no different.  They constantly need updating, and maintaining just like any other tool that you would use for Business.

    Whether it’s WordPress, Magento, Shopify or Drupal there will always be the need for ongoing support.

    • Plugin, Extension and Module Updates
    • Core CMS Updates
    • New Content
    • Updated Content
    • New Services
    • New SEO requirements

    Things change and the internet and websites need to keep up so were are there to help on an ongoing basis with technical and content based support.


    How Long does it take?

    What’s the schedule?

    This all depends on the number of pages that need to be designed, the features that are required and how bespoke the design is.

    We wprovide an estimated completion date based on the website scope and requirements.

    It can take anything between 4 and 12 weeks or more depending on the number of pages, the complexity of the the website, the amount of content and the functionality required.

    FAQ & Questions We Think You Might Have

    How long have you been in business?

    We have been in business for over 10 years. 

    Where are you based?

    We are based in Newhaven, East Sussex

    Do I need to be based in Chichester to work with you?

    No, we work with companies throughout the UK and Europe with communications by email and video call.  There is no need for any client to be based in a specific location like Chichester

    What industries do you specialise in?

    We have worked predominantly with companies in the music business and more recently with businesses from various sectors from tech to personal therapy.

    What sets you apart from other web design companies?

    We build and optimise.  The growth of sales, contacts, leads is at the root of what we do.  That's the point right.  Every website has a purpose, a goal and that is what drives the process.

    How do you approach the web design process?

    We gather information, plan, discuss and produce inital drafts for review, we go through rounds of revisions, testing and development to get to the final website design and functionality. Then we focus on growth.

    How do you approach UX user experience?

    UX, user experience comes down to testing, we'll test it, you test it and when everyone's happy we put it live.

    How do you approach responsive design?

    Responsive design is at the core of every website build.  Ensuring a website works on all devices from mobile to widescreen is essential and we take care to make sure this is in place.

    Do you have experience with ecommerce stores?

    Ecommerce is where we started and it's something that we know how to do.  Creating ecommerce stores with product listings, shopping carts, payment gateways, shipping rates and calls to action is what we do.

    What tools and technologies do you use for web design and development?

    We use Magento, WordPress, Drupal & Shopify for our websites.  We host them on cloud based highly optimised servers which can include content delivery networks in the stack.  Our developers use PHP, CSS, jQuery, HTML and a tonne of other codebases and tools to create whatever features are needed to fit the business requirements.

    Are your websites optimised for search engines?

    This is at the root of what we do.  Every website is built with the idea of optimsing for search. We'll do keyword and comptetitor research before we start to build the website. Once up and running we will analyse the data and start building on what we have with various SEO techniques to outstrip the competition.

    How do you ensure that websites are accessible to users with disabilities?

    Accessibility is important and Google has a tool that will tell you if your website is accessible.  We use that to make sure that it passes.

    Is your we web design custom or do you use templates?

    The use of templates has now become the norm.  Much like the use of content management systems like WordPress had become the norm. To build these things from scratch is a bit like reinventing the wheel and would cost more than most clients could afford,  so, while we will use templates which makes development faster, every design will be customised to the point that it is unique.

    Do you offer website maintenance post launch?

    Yes, absolutely.  Once the website is live we will be available for fixes, new features and general maintenance.  Websites always need updates over time and we will provide the support for that.

    Do you provide hosting and domain registration?

    Yes, your website will be hosted on a dedicated cloud server that is fully managed.

    Will I own the rights to my website and content?

    Yes, copyright of the website and contents is transferred to you.

    Will my website be secure?

    Yes, we set up an SSL certificate for every website which ensures that connections to it are secure.  If you need more in terms of holding customers credit card details then we can do that too.

    How do you measure the success of a web design project?

    The success of a project comes in tangable results; sales, leads, conversions.   There's very little point creating a website without a long term goal or purpose, which will always be to drive conversions.  We will build the website with that in mind however that doesnot account for competitors so ongoing search engine optimisation, advertisting via paid search and other platforms such as facebook and linkedin will be essential to success.

    Any other questions about Chichester based web design, ecommerce or SEO?

    If you have any other questions, pick up the phone, fill in our contact form, request a call, and we'll be happy to have a chat.