Why Choose Magento Open Source Ecommerce?

Last Updated 13th March 2023

Lets talk about Magento

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform that can be customised extensively, it includes built-in ecommerce functionality along with a huge range of third-party plugins, themes and other integrations. It’s suitable for any ecommerce business, from a toy shop to a large tech retailer to a B2B business.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Magento, now rebranded to Adobe Commerce, and see why it’s the a great solution for starting an ecommerce business.

Currently, there are two Magento solutions for building an ecommerce store. Adobe Commerce Cloud and Magento Open Source. Adobe Commerce Cloud is for lager businesses. Costs for Adobe Commerce Cloud start at $22,000 per annum for a business with revenue of less that 1 million USD, the price increases along with the business revenue.  Magento Open Source is free, it can be downloaded for no cost at, all although you will need a developer or agency to create the store for you, and a server to host it on.

What is Magento Open Source?

Magento open source is the fee version of Magento. It gives you the freedom to choose any hosting solution and to build your own store and customise it as needed. Magento is highly customisable and can fit any business model.

There is a huge range of Magento extensions, theme providers and third party service providers which makes Magento a perfect solution for any ecommerce business. 

Why is Magento a good choice?

  • Magento Open Source gives businesses  the option to customize their ecommerce store according to their needs.
  • Magento Open Source ecommerce solution offers merchants the freedom to choose any service provider of their choice. You are not tied to Adobe or any other software owner
  • You can easily install third party extension and tools from the magento Marketplace or other 3rd party Magento extension providers.

Magento Open Source offers customizability, but doesn’t handle hosting which means that you have the freedom to host your website wherever you prefer,

At Plus 8 Digital we recommend Cloudways as our prefered hosting provider.  We use Cloudways for all of our websites.

What’s Magento Ecommerce Market Share?

Magento Open Source is an established ecommerce system.  It now holds a substantial amount of the enterprise business sector with it being the driver behind Adobe Commerce and Adobe Cloud.  

  • Magento powers 0.9% of all sites using a CMS, which means it powers 0.6% of all websites. (w3techs.com)
  • Magento is amongst the top 10 CMSes used for building ecommerce sites. (pipecandy.com)
  • The United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands are the top 4 Magento users. (similartech.com)
  • Magento is amongst the top 5 open-source CMS. (trends.builtwith.com)
  • LifeStyle, home & garden, ecommerce & shopping, and computer electronics & technology are top categories that prefer Magento Open Source. (similartech.com)
  • Currently, around 171,800 merchants are using Magento. (builtwith.com)

Why Choose Magento Ecommerce for Starting an Online Business?

Ecommerce sites usually get high traffic, need a customizable, reliable, and scalable ecommerce solution. 

Here’s some of the reasons to choose Magento.

Latest Technologies

Magento Open Source is built on the Zend framework, which supports both Nginx and Apache server technologies with Redis and Varnish cache. Magento also supports the latest version of PHP, MariaDB, MySQL, Composer and Elasticsearch.  It uses the lates technology and is constantly updated

An Open-source Ecommerce Platform

Magento ecommerce’s open-source solution is flexible and lets you develop Magento any way you want. It can integrate third-party solutions, and add any functionality needed for you business.

Magento PWA Architecture

Magento PWA improves the shopping experience through lightning-fast speed, app-like performance, push notifications, offline mode, flexibility, easy-to-use interface, and many other necessary features.

Multi-platform Integration 

Magento Open Source allows you to enhance store functionality through third-party extensions from Magento marketplace or any other extension provider.


Magento Opem Source CMS has an SEO-friendly infrastructure and built-in features which makes it easy for you to create product pages that are SEO freindly out of the box.

Analytics and Reporting

Magento Open Source provides reports on the following:

  • Sales report
  • Tax report
  • Abandoned shopping cart report
  • Best viewed products report
  • Best purchased products report
  • Low stock report
  • Search terms report
  • Product reviews report
  • Coupon usage report
  • Total sales invoiced report

Advertising & Marketing

Default marketing and advertising options allow for the following:

  • Cross-sell of products
  • Generation of coupon coded 
  • Newsletters and polls
  • Price variations based on groups and quantity
  • Third party marketing and promotion tools

Payment and Shipping

You can integrate with almost every available payment gateway via their integrations with Magento

Enhanced Security

Magento Open Source is continuously updated with new security features. Security features are release with evey new version and patches are provided as and when needed.

Choose Hosting of Your Choice

The Magento ecommerce platform gives you the freedom to choose any ecommerce hosting provider, whether it’s shared hosting (not recommended), virtual private server, cloud hosting or managed Magento hosting solution (most popular).  We recommend Coudways.

How to Start With Magento Commerce

Get in touch with us.  We’ll assess yoiur business and the requirements that you have and advise which is the best ecommerce sytem for you and whether Magento is a good fit.

How Much Does Magento Open Source Cost

There is a substantial amount of time involved increaing a Magento ecommerce store.  It has a huge amount of features out of the box, however you still need to create the frontend design.  There are prebuild themes but these will always need adapting and customising to fit the business.  There are basic products available out of the box, however each prouct will need a specific set of features or attributes that need to be set up. The cost all depends on the time spent and the horly rate of the company or agency that you choose to build the ecommece store for you..

How Much Does Magento Cost with Plus 8 Digital

We have relatively low overheads compared to most web design and development companies. We also work with Magento or a regluar basis  This means that we can create a standard Magento Ecommerce store for around £4000.  This of course is relative to the specific requirements of the business. You can take a look at our prices here