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Professional website design and search engine optimisation.

What we do

Plus 8 Digital is a UK based Agency providing SEO and digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

We provide SEO services as part of our initial website builds and then offer SEO packages to further develop search engine optimisation opportunities.

If you laready have a website we’ll do a full audit with recommendations.  We can implement those recommendations and develop an SEO strategy including keyword analysis, competitor analysis, content creation and link building to get higher rankings and long term organic traffic.

We optimise for Google Search, Google indexing, Google core web vitals, on-page SEO as well as working on internal links, site structure, content and content structure

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO services to increase Google page rank

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View our web design projects
View our web design projects
View our Web Design Projects

SEO Strategy

SEO is a strategy that includes multiple elements that all play a part.

SEO Audit

Checking the site for SEO issues

We can complete a full SEO audit of your website. A website audit includes multiple checks to identify any problems or errors with site design, google indexing, link structure and content that can prevent a site from ranking on Google and other search engines. Our SEO audit includes:


  • Checking that a site is being correctly crawled by Google
  • Checking it’s correctly indexed and rendered by Google.
  • Checking the complete website for on-page SEO Problems
  • Verifying user experience for both mobile and desktop users.
  • Identifying any duplicate or thin content.
  • Ensuring that comprehensive tracking and reporting is set up.

On Page Optimisation

We ensure that every page is optimised.

We ensure that every page is optimised. This is all about content and keywords, how engaging and relevant the content is and how Google sees the page in terms of what content people are looking for.

We can analyse the competition and identify valuable keywords.

We will identify the purpose of pages and actions that visitors should take.  Then utilising keyword research we optimise pages to give them the best chance of ranking in searches.

We update title tags meta data, urls, heading tags and image tags to fully optimise pages.


Content Creation

Quality content is what Google wants

Google now places a lot of importance on content.  Long gone are the days of adding as many keywords to a page as possible and expecting Google to see that as the indicator that this is the page that users should be served.

Recent Google updates take as much notice or related keywords, inclusion of media and images and content structure as much as the main keyword that will appear in a Google search.

We can help create great content that your customers will want to see.

Link Building

Quality content is what Google wants

External links to your site is an important page ranking factor.

Firstly it drives traffic to your site. Secondly, Google sees it as an indicator of authority and rewards you with higher ranking in searches.

The key to link building is engaging content that people want to link to, so that’s the main element to address.

For ecommerce sites, promotions or discounts that can be shared on social media are a great way to create backlinks.

Reaching out to your network & business partners, or regularly sharing new content on social media can all be used in an effective link building campaign.


Analytics & Tracking

Quality content is what Google wants

We connect and analyse your website data using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other SEO tools.

Using these tools allows us to:

  • Track visitor demographics and interests
  • Analyse landing page traffic.
  • Track specific SEO related goals
  • Track visitor conversion rates
  • Track visitor bounce rates
  • Track main search keywords used
  • Find Traffic referrals and backlinks

SEO Packages

Tailored packages for your SEO

We recommend a monthly package of 12 hours SEO work per month.  This is enough to work on all the elements needed.

We’ll perform a full website audit and competitor analysis, we’ll do keyword research and find the keywords that give the best chance of results. 

We’ll produce content, get local citations and work on optimising your Google Business profile and reviews. 

Link building is included as well as guest posting where possible.

SEO is an ongoing process and can take time to show results.  Google is not as fast at indexing  and picking up changes as you might think.  Depending on the package it can take up to 3 months to show results.


How Much does it cost?